90th School Reunion and Celebration

Moorooka State School Band welcoming home soldiers from World War II in Brisbane, Queensland, ca. 1945

Moorooka State School Band welcoming home soldiers from World War II in Brisbane, Queensland, ca. 1945

We are proud to celebrate 90 Years of Moorooka State School this year!

On Saturday 20 July we will host a 90 Year Reunion at the School, from 6pm to 10pm.

The Reunion will celebrate the school’s heritage and provide a special gathering for many generations of former students and teachers.

It will encompass:

  • entertainment including performances from a professional band that will celebrate the music of former student Billy Thorpe as well as keep us rocking all night;

  • stories shared on stage from former students in each decade;

  • registration and specific areas for all of the alumni groups to catch up and reminisce;

  • an exciting variety of delicious food vans, a great bar, a sausage sizzle;

  • plus, raffles and auction items to fundraise.

The night is not designed for children, but a bouncing castle and mini-golf will be available if they need to attend.  

Key Information:


Registration will take place in the Hall from 6pm. From there, you will be directed to an area celebrating the decade in which you enjoyed your final year at Moorooka State School in order for you to locate alumni in your and surrounding years. We will have current members of staff to escort you to the various areas, who are very proud of their association with Moorooka State School.

Although attendance at the event is free, we would love to have your RSVP please so that we can have your details ready for Registration.


Memorabilia Display

Moorooka State School, 1947.

Moorooka State School, 1947.

A special timeline display will be set up in the Hall to showcase the history of Moorooka State School. If you have images or artefacts that you would like to share for display during the Fete and Reunion, please contact us via this website and we would love to incorporate them.

We are also investigating the time capsules and will let you know if one will be opened at this event.


We will be hosting a bar at the event offering alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks as well as offering a delicious selection of food from a range of vendors for dinner, plus a coffee cart! And Rotary will be running a BBQ throughout the evening to support our Moorooka State School Community.


We will be hosting a great rock band for the event who will celebrate one of Moorooka State School’s most famous alumni – Billy Thorpe – with a range of his songs throughout the evening. We will also be sharing stories and experiences from alumni from each decade. Please let us know if you would be interested to speak on stage during the event when you register your RSVP on this page above.

Although the event is not designed for children, we understand that they may need to attend with you, so we have organised a bouncing castle for the kids and a mini-golf game for adults and kids, for a gold coin donation. We also have the deconstructed sand pit available for free.

Below is the Order of the Event:


6:00pm opening by current student leaders and former leaders

6:10pm band

6:40pm 10-19 decade speakers share experiences

6:50pm 29-49 decade speakers share experiences

6:58pm - First Raffle draws of the night

7:00pm band

7:30pm 00-09 decade speakers share experiences

7:40pm 50-59 decade speakers share experiences

7:58pm - More Raffle draws & Rotary thank you

7:50pm band

8:20pm 90-99 decade speakers share experiences

8:30pm 60-69 decade speakers share experiences

8:58pm - More Raffle draws

8:40pm band

9:05pm 80-89 decade speakers share experiences

9:15pm 70-79 decade speakers share experiences

9:25pm Auction of Major Items

9:35pm band

10:00pm closing by Vicki Hyne, current Principal

Moorooka State School Brisbane March 1955

Moorooka State School Brisbane March 1955


Moorooka State School is currently focused on air-conditioning the school so all of the P & C’s efforts including the Reunion, will go toward this goal. Following the Fete last year, we were able to air-condition half the school, and we aim to complete the task from this year’s Fete and Reunion.

Your support on the night to buy a raffle ticket or auction item or enjoy the hospitality, will be greatly appreciated by the students and staff at the school.


We are seeking sponsors for this event, so if you are a member of the alumni and would love to support our community while increasing your profile to a wide variety of age groups, we would love to speak to you and send you a sponsor’s pack.

Thank you for your interest in the 90 Years Reunion – we look forward to seeing you there!